Thursday, November 29, 2012

Why? Do you really need less turning and more NR.

 Yep its been a while but check out this bullsh1t.

This was found via Thomas Bexon’s Instagram feed. Not wanting to rush straight in I left a message asking for the source. Thomas got back to me linking it to the Noosa Festival! Take a look >>here<< to see the image and all the responses!
Now at this time I don’t have any links with the Noosa Festival – so instead of trying them I took a punt with the ASP. The worldwide site has links for anyone to use. So just hitting at the media contact I fired across an email looking for any information that they might be willing to share. Now I didn’t really hold out much hope of any reply but within 24 hours I had a reply saying my message had been passed to the right person to assist me.
You might wonder why this could interest me? It goes two ways really. Firstly on a personal level I’m much more attracted to the traditional long boarding. All of my own boards are heavy single fins. I much prefer paddling out, no leash, surfing in a relaxed way. Yes I have attempted the whole progressive thing! I think I’m just not built for it and Westward Ho! is hardly the wave to help.
But the biggest influence is the whole emergence in to the mainstream of surfers like Alex Knost, Tyler Warren. These guys are riding logs like they used to but also bringing there own style as well.

You also take in to consideration that Vans are making a massive investment in to Longboarding via the Joel Tudor Duct Tape Series. That involves flying the top longboarders to the Spots on Joel’s list. Not only are we seeing great US venues but also a dedication to Europe. Twice now have they come over – Salinas and Biarritz have been blessed with the presence of this event. Don’t go thinking that this is the only event happening. They are springing up everywhere. Here in the UK James Parry has started the Hip Wiggling event down at Gwithian. Pure style and an event that built considerably in the secnd running this September. For more info from this event see >>here<<. Out east saw the Deus event in Bali – check the vide below just to see just how good that was:
I suppose what is good to see is the diversity in our sport. But my opinion is that it is now time for some thing different. Do we continue to see traditional longboarding grow as an underground legacy all on it’s own or is it time for the ASP to become involved to make it grow?
I would like to see something happen because Longboarding is a beautiful sport to be involved in, watch and experience but at this moment in time what we see is a sport that is fully in the doldrums. We are seeing a change from the surfers and events (seen above)  but it’s time for a big directional change from the governing body.
Now one of the reasons I believe this is because – did you know its the World Longboard Champs? It’s in China. Now the ladies event has been well publicised, thanks to Swatch but what about the Mens? Nothing that I can find! Shameful really.
So come on ASP lets embrace some of the sentiment shown in that first image. It could be the shot in the arm that Longboarding needs.
Simon Mitchell
Corduroy Lines.

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